Before buying, it is essential for parents to decide what they want to buy a playmat for since there are many varieties: for swimming, for games, for massage and other purposes.

It is essential to pay attention to the products’ safety and functionality.

Important parameters:

No unpleasant odor should emit from the rug. The toxicity of the materials used will adversely affect the physical condition of the baby.
When touching the Baby Play Mats on Jiji Nigeria, there should be no traces of paint on the hands – this indicates the coating’s safety and durability.
Do not chase after cheap baby products. First of all, you need to pay attention to the quality of the products.
Ask the seller for a quality certificate for the rug. These documents must always come with the toy.
Check the rugby touch; there should be no harsh elements on it, which the baby can easily injure. It is better to choose washable materials.
When buying a massage mat, it is best to test it yourself first. Ensure that the coating is pleasant to the touch so that the massage effect will not be very uncomfortable.
Orthopedic options are designed for foot massage to prevent or correct flat feet in children. The surface must be soft and resilient.
The puzzle mat must check for completeness, as well as for the compatibility of all parts. Unpack the product in advance and count the number of items.



Focus on the child’s age. Each category has its models.
If you go to choose a rug with a child, rely on his wishes.
Pay attention to the thickness. The rugs should not be too thin so that the baby does not feel cold sitting on the floor.
If there are seams on the material, you need to pay attention to not creep.
When buying a used product, be sure to disinfect it.
Secondary parameters:

The color of the product does not matter. Black or dark gray is not recommended for the child’s psyche, but you will not find toys of these colors in stores either.
Size doesn’t matter. The exception is gymnastic options and models for sports; it is recommended to select them based on the baby’s growth.
The manufacture date does not matter, as mats do not have an expiration date, but this does not apply to rubber and silicone products. Products made from such materials can use for three years from the date of manufacture.
Let’s take a look at seven of the best rugs for kids in all dimensions individually.


The best in its category is the silicone mini version from Valiant. The package contains six pieces, each of which is equipped with several suction cups.

bright colors;
there is no unpleasant smell;

The bath mat has an anti-slip surface and special suction cups needed to attach to a smooth surface—links to the bathtub, wall, or floor tiles.

The primary purpose of the bath mat is to ensure the safety of the child. Colorful and bright specimens are very popular with young children, and even those who do not like to swim will go to the bath with pleasure.

There are models on sale with superior massaging surfaces: the mat not only prevents the baby from falling while bathing but also makes a light massage of the feet.

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